Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Holding my breath....

The last few days have had me holding my breath, waiting for conclusive news about the tile damage on Endeavor. This morning's CNN report indicates that they are more concerned about further damage to the orbiter that could impact the schedule of upcoming missions, but are not so concerned about a catastrophic event that could mean harm to the crew, and that's reassuring to hear. Nevertheless, I'll be watching with bated breath until Barbara and the rest of the crew are safely back on terra firma.

I'm watching the Orlando Sentinel's space blog, The Write Stuff for information, and enjoying their account of the mission on other topics as well. They also have video of press conferences and the launch.

NASA's website also has great video of the launch (much better than mine!) and images from each day of the mission -- images and video can be accessed here.

So for now, I'm distracted, waiting for the next news.

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